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From the Developer:

This game is very much still an active work-in-progress & while it is written such that the world should exist forever, in reality expect that it will be wiped & begun anew at each major release. Please bear with us!

Feedback is highly enouraged and very easy to provide via the in-game /feedback command.

You may find the complete source code here & can get in touch here. Thank you very much for visiting! Be kind to your fellow humans. Black Lives Matter. Enjoy!

Species Selection

Attribute Information

  • acuity — affects the maxiumum possible value of dropped items
  • mobility — affects how movement drains fauna life
  • tenacity — affects the chance the fauna will find items
  • tranquility — affects how much the fauna can consume at once
All with a maximum of ? except tranquility, with a maximum of ?.

Gameplay Information

Live long & prosper. Movement drains life & eating restores it. Building nests restores full life.

Items are only generated in the presence of a player, and species statistics affect the chance of generation.

Each terrian type (except 'peaks') has a primary season during which item drops are more likely regardless of species attributes; hover over the clock to determine the which terrian type is affected.

Fauna may only carry ? items in their beaks at a time, and whilst carrying any items they are unable to eat.

Territory is captured by fully enclosing a set of blocks with Nests, creating a Gardenspace. Diagonal connections are not allowed; each Nest block must mate on-edge with two others, as illustrated here:

All nests shown were built by the same hummingbird, so… —> …when they build a new nest in the final remaining empty block… —> …it will fully enclose the area, creating a new Gardenspace —> …and permantely capturing all enclosed blocks for the Fauna!

Item Information

All are base values.